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I’m a Food & Product photographer, based in Belgium.

Before I was a photographer, I worked as a makeup artist. I also moved from Hungary, where I’m originally from, to Belgium in 2009.

Photography was always close to my heart, but for many years I did not find my way as a photographer. First I started to take photographs of nature and people, but I was always searching for a specific niche, which could really move me.

One day I was browsing on Instagram, and found some really pretty food photographs. I immediately became curious to know how to photograph food in such beautiful and mouthwatering way. As a result I became obsessed with it and wanted to know all about it.

I grabbed my camera, emptied my fridge to shoot everything, and the rest is history. Since then I can’t stop shooting food. There is something magical in each and every food to me, can be cooked or raw, sweet or sour.


You need top quality photos to represent your business. 

Think about this…

On your way building your business you want to create a strong brand too. That is where I, as a professional photographer, can help you. It’s as simple as that.

My goal always is to capture amazing photos of food to look delicious.

Don’t be shy, say hi, and ask for a quote via my contact form! I’d be delighted to help your business thrive.

Languages: French, English, Hungarian


I have worked with great companies like Adobe creating Lightroom presets for them and making drink photos for the belgian beer company, Jupiler.

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Dont’ hesitate to contact me about your ideas so we can make your dream photos come alive.

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